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Hongqi HS7
High Performance & Outstanding Technology Combined
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We currently have a professional HONGQI independent brand vehicle maintenance service center - Oneroad LLC at Al Qouz 2, Dubai. The complete spare parts library and auto service can fully realize the maintenance and repair of cars in no time.


Parameter Configuration

Hongqi H7

2018 Red Flag H7 Red Flag H7 1.8T Red Flag H7 2.0T Red Flag H7 3.0L
Comfort Edition elite version Ultimate Edition Revered Edition
price 25.28 26.88 28.88 31.78
Vehicle size and quality
Length × Width × Height [mm] 5095 × 1875 × 1485
Wheelbase [mm] 2970
Curb weight [kg] 1800 1805
engine model CA4GC18T-01 CA4GC20T CA6GV1
Displacement [L] 1.8 2.0 3.0
Number of cylinders 4 6
Output torque [Nm / rpm] 260 / 2000-4500 260 / 2000-4500 300/3000
Maximum power [kW / rpm] 138/5500 150/5500 170/6000
Environmental standards Country V
Motion transfer system
Drive way Front rear drive
transmission 6-speed automatic manual transmission
Tires 225/55 R17 225/55 R17 225/55 R17 235/45 R18
Spare tire Non-full size spare tire
Chassis steering system
Front suspension type Double wishbone independent front suspension with lateral stabilizer bar
Rear suspension type Multi-link independent rear suspension with lateral stabilizer bar
Boost type Electro-hydraulic power steering system
Braking System
Front wheel brake Ventilated disc
Rear wheel brake Ventilated disc
Main equipment
Security kit
Intelligent front dual airbag (double stage detonation)
Front side airbag
Head side curtain
Direct tire pressure alarm system
Front and rear 8-probe parking radar
Reversing Video Imaging System
Electronic parking brake (EPB)
Vehicle Dynamic Deceleration Function (CDP)
Body Electronic Stability System (ESP)
Uphill Assist System (HHC)
Automatic hold function (AUTO HOLD)
Hydraulic Brake Booster (HBB) - - -
Technology Suite
LED highlight headlight
Intelligent Headlight (AFS)
Exterior rearview mirror welcome lighting + turn signal (LED)
GPS navigation system
Hongqi new car system (with mobile phone mapping)
Front Collision Warning System (FCW) - - -
Active braking system - - -
Road yaw warning system (LDW) + driver status monitoring - - -
Blind Spot Information Monitoring System (BSD) - - -
Parallel Aid (LCW) - - -
Rear blind spot warning system (CTA) - - -
Cruise control system -
Active cruise system with stop-go function (ACC) - - -
Active Night Vision System (ANV) - - - -
Luggage sensor open - - -
Comfort kit
Electric anti-pinch sunroof
Electric heated exterior mirror
Electric folding, exterior mirror with memory function
Automatic rear view mirror lock car folding
Smart entry -
Smart start
Hydrophobic glass
Rear privacy glass -
Electric luggage
8-inch touch LCD screen
GPS automatic calibration clock
Sleeping headrest -
North America imported premium leather seats
Fabric seat - - - -
Driver seat 8-way electric adjustment
Co-pilot 6-way electric adjustment -
Driver seat memory function
Front seat heating and ventilation
Heated and ventilated rear seats -
Rear seat massage function - - -
Adjustable reclining angles of the back seats on both sides -
Multifunctional central armrest in the rear
Three temperature zone automatic air conditioner
Plasma generator + pollution prevention sensor
Automatic wind swing function at the front central air outlet
BOSE brand audio
Car Bluetooth Phone System

Hongqi HS5

Red Flag HS5
Official guide price
Zhilian Flagship Edition
18.38 million
Zhilian Banner Enjoy Edition
19.98 million
Zhilian Banner enjoys four-wheel drive version
21.38 million
Zhilian Banner Collar Edition
22.68 million
Zhilian Banner Collar Four-wheel Drive Edition
Basic parameters
Length x width x height (mm) 4760x1907x1700
Wheelbase (mm) 2870
Engine type New CA4GC inline four-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine
engine capacity 2.0L (1989mL)
Maximum speed (km / h) 210 210 204 210 204
Rated power (kW) 165
Torque (N · m) 340
100 km acceleration (s) 8.2 8.2 8.7 8.2 8.7
Fuel consumption under comprehensive operating conditions (L / 100km) 7.9 7.9 8.4 7.9 8.4
Drive form Front drive Front drive Front four-wheel drive Front drive Front four-wheel drive
Transmission type 6AT
Tire specifications 235/60 R18 255/45 R20
Suspension System Macpherson independent front suspension with lateral stabilizer bar, multi-link independent rear suspension with lateral stabilizer bar
Emission Standards National Six B emission standards
Banner type full LED lighting system
Automatic switching between near and far light - - -
Automatic headlight height adjustment
Delayed headlight off function -
Automatic headlight opening and closing -
Steering assist lighting function
"Red Flag Wings" Welcome Blanket
Electric exterior mirrors with electric folding and electric heating
LED welcome pedal (with red flag LED backlight) -
Panoramic skylight -
Four-door one-touch anti-pinch glass window
Electric back door (with anti-pinch function) -
Front door acoustic glass - - -
Front parking radar (4 probes) - -
Front parking radar (6 probes), front camera - - -
Rear parking radar (4 probes), rear camera
Front and rear seat fabric + Alcantara skin - - - -
Front and rear seats Nappa leather + Alcantara skin -
Driver seat 10-way electric adjustment - - - -
Driver's seat 12-way electric adjustment, headrest 4-way manual adjustment -
Driver's seat memory (can be linked with rearview mirror) - - -
Front seat heating, seat ventilation, sleep headrest -
Rear seat heating, sleeping headrest - - -
Welcome seat function (can be linked with steering wheel) - - -
253 color ambient atmosphere light system -
Real aluminum decorative strip - -
Carbon fiber trim - - -
Bose Centerpoint ® Surround Sound System -
Dual 12.3-inch integrated full LCD color display
Multifunction steering wheel (with audio, Bluetooth switch, trip computer control, voice control)
Steering wheel shift paddle - - -
Steering wheel heating - - -
Automatic anti-glare rearview mirror -
Streaming media rearview mirror - - - -
Rear seat backrest angle adjustment, 4/6 ratio reclining independently
Front dual-zone independent automatic control air conditioner
Air filter (filter pollen, PM2.5 particles)
Air Quality Sensor (AQS) -
Negative oxygen ion generator - - -
one-button start
Keyless entry
Automatic parking - - -
Intelligent damping control shock absorber system - - - -
Driving mode switching function
Reverse image - - - -
Panoramic image parking assist -
Cruise cruise - -
Advanced cruise - - -
Traffic jam - - -
Lane departure monitoring system - - -
Blind spot monitoring system -
Ramp assist control
HUD head up display -
Vehicle remote control
Wifi module
Wireless phone charging -
Intelligent voice interaction system
Driver airbag
Front passenger airbag
Front double-sided airbag
Double safety air curtain
ISOFIX Child Seat Fixture + Rear Door Child Protective Lock
EPB electronic parking brake
ABS anti-lock braking system
ESP electronic stability control
HBB Vacuum Brake Assist
Reminder that seat belt is not fastened
AUTOHOLD dynamic parking assist
Front collision warning system + active emergency braking system -

Hongqi HS7

Red Flag HS7
Official guide price
Flag Wyatt 4WD
34.98 million
Zhilian Banner enjoys four-wheel drive version
36.98 million
Zhilian Qichang 4WD Edition
41.58 million
Zhilian Banner Collar Four-wheel Drive Edition
Basic parameters
Length x width x height (mm) 5035 × 1989 × 1778 (without load, including luggage rack and antenna) 5035 × 1989 × 1756 (without load, including luggage rack and antenna)
Wheelbase (mm) 3008
Engine type 3.0T V6 supercharged direct injection engine
Maximum power (kW) 248
Torque (N · m) 445
Emission Standards Country Ⅵ b
100 km acceleration (s) 7.8
Comprehensive fuel consumption (L / 100km) 10.9
Gearbox 8-speed manual transmission
Tire specifications 255/50 R19 255/50 R19 255/45 R20 255/45 R20
Air suspension - -
LED headlight
Exterior rearview mirror welcome light
Panoramic skylight
Rear side privacy glass -
Electric trunk (with memory)
Full LCD dashboard
Multifunction steering wheel
Steering wheel heating - - -
Steering wheel shift paddle - - -
Alcantara / leather seat - -
Nappa / leather seat - -
10-way electric adjustment of main driver seat
Front seat heating
Rear seat heating
Front seat ventilation -
Rear seat ventilation - - -
BOSE 5.1 ​​Surround Sound System
10.1 inch rear entertainment system - - -
64-color ambient atmosphere light system -
Alcantara ceiling and column
Temperature zone control San Wen District San Wen District San Wen District San Wen District
Intelligence and security
Driving mode selection
Intelligent road condition recognition system - -
Lane departure warning system -
Active Brake / Active Safety System - -
Anti-collision warning system - -
Blind spot detection system - -
Parallel Aid System - -
Lane Keeping System - - -
Cruise cruise
ACC adaptive cruise system - -
Advanced cruising (with turn-by-turn) - - -
Smart entry -
Reverse image
Panoramic image - -
Hongqi Zhilian Vehicle Intelligent System -
Remote vehicle control -
Fully intelligent parking - - -


HONGQI is the national vehicle brand of the Chinese people's feelings, and it is also a symbol of national industry, carrying deep feelings and sacred memory.

Relying on history, building an international layout thinking, facing the global automotive industry change and the opportunity to comprehensively deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new era, the HONGQI brand seizes independence, strong cooperation, fierce innovation, rapid layout, and strives to become China's first and world Outstanding service company.

Main Features

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The automobile insurance of Oneroad trade has always been able to bring more benefits to customers. It can be said that the way of one-way auto insurance is fast and convenient, and it is also the best in the industry.


As the leader of the domestic auto finance industry, FAW Auto Finance fully covers all aspects of auto consumption; from the purchase of vehicles, purchase tax, insurance, extension of insurance to relevant auto parts, consumers can make superimposed loans according to their needs, and further stimulate the vitality of auto finance industry with innovative products.


The Oneroad automobile trade has rich professional experience and the whole chain trade serviceability system. Specialized, refined and efficient services bring customers faster market response, more efficient market operation and better economic benefits.


Oneroad provides all-round car maintenance services with the core of love car detection, fast repair, and maintenance, car beauty, body, and paint. It includes a comprehensive maintenance business (painting, maintenance, repair, and other service items).


Automotive Trading Company

trusted name in auto-world

ONEROAD Automotive Trading Company was established in 2019 which the first HONGQI agent overseas. It has made great contributions to the entry of Chinese brand vehicle into the Middle East.

It actively cooperates with the group's business concept, comprehensively builds ONEROAD into an industry with complementary advantages between China and UAE, as well as creates ONEROAD ecosystem. The business scope of ONEROAD Automotive Trading covers vehicle sales, vehicle leasing, maintenance testing, distribution, and credit loans. ONEROAD Automotive Trading Company originates from international trade, e-commerce and other fields under the ONEROAD Group Dubai, and is committed to providing customers with one-stop services from car purchase to listing, testing, and transfer etc.

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